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Accurate Freeze Branding is a new company dedicated to bringing science to the art of freeze branding.  The use of sound engineering practices, detailed testing procedures and analysis coupled with a passion for continuous improvement have resulted in a new and revolutionary freeze branding process.

AFB provides a mobile, turnkey service for freeze branding livestock.  Our specialty is applying multiple-digit freeze-brands to cattle for individual identification.  AFB will come to your location with all the necessary equipment and materials required to apply uniform readable freeze brands to your herd.  We can apply the same character sequence as existing ear-tags, tattoos or other sequence of your choosing.  You supply the handling facilities, the livestock and the labor to run them through, and we will do the rest. 

In addition to multiple-digit freeze brands, AFB can also fabricate and apply symbols, letters or registered brands.  If you can draw it, we can most likely fabricate it and brand it.  Of course, we are limited to the extent that freeze branding living tissue is not as precise as painting on canvas, but we are working on that.


Accurate Freeze Branding, LLC
Butte, MT  59701